Mixie World Services

We are offering all kinds of kitchen appliances services for all major brands of
  1. Mixier Grinder
  2. Wet Grinder
  3. Induction Stove
  4. Cooker
  5. Mixier Juicer
  6. Iron Box
Mixie World Service engineers will analyse any possible damage and correct all faults on your products. They will provide all support expertise, advice and support to prevent troubles in the future. If your kitchen Applicances repair means you can calling by 9442218189, 0424 2256292, 0424 4558088.

Advantages of Mixie World Services

  • Good customer services:Mixie World provide good customer services in best quality.
  • High quality and services in repairs.
  • Warranty repairs: Mixie World repairs free warranty services under the terms and conditions.
  • Out-of warranty: Fair and transparent repair conditions and prices.

Contact Details

18,19/20, New CSI brough Complex,
First Floor, Brough Road,
Near Telephone Bhavan,
Erode - 638001.

Email: mixieworld@gmail.com
Website: www.mixieworld.com

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